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This Logik L0DCR10 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader can read most modern types of media card, and provides a universal means of transferring files to your computer, as well as other devices such as a digital photo frame or HDTV.

Avoid the hassle of having to physically connect devices together - simply pop the memory card into the reader, and then plug and play!

the fs306 records directly to sd and sdhc memory cards for fast and efficient video storage and transfer.

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the card reader supports full hi-speed transfer rates of up to 480mbps using a usb 2.0 connection and is backward compatible with usb 1.1 ensuring compatibility with virtually any usb capable usb 2.0 14-in-1 media memory card reader offers fast and convenient access to the most popular media memory card formats including sd, compact flash, mmc, memory stick and ibm micro drive as well as sdhc cards for applications requiring high capacity storage.

Customized Swivel USB flash drives to grow brand image in Tampa, Florida USA. Flash drives help free up space on smartphones: more storage for mobile apps, lowering monthly cell phone data plan costs.

Market your product, grow sales; durable, simple, portable at low cost.

The Logik L0DCR10 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader comes supplied with a manufacturerand#39;s 12-month warranty.

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