Communicator status not updating outlook 2016 Free no cc online talk sites

I have a user that has external contacts that she has added to Outlook and communicates with through Lync.All of these contacts have numbers and email addresses.Either way, the size didn’t appear to prevent Mike’s contact photo from showing up. After things looked fine on AD, we got a hold of Mike and asked him to verify that his options were all set correctly. The obvious solution is far too obvious, so we must cover the less-obvious causes first. Mike uses a Mac, and didn’t have the new Skype4B client on it yet.

Anyway it is resolved thanks for all of your input.

Contact photos also show up in Outlook and Office 365.

There’s a reason for this: Contact photos are stored within Active Directory accounts.

I concluded that it must be a common issue with the local machines rather than the Lync server so I began to try and find the common link between each affected user.

It turned out that the users affected were part of the Cisco Voice team.

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