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“Don’t want to look too thirsty,” you tell yourself as you count down the minutes before it’s socially acceptable for you to respond to a text from a crush. Yeah, so are some of the texting “rules” listed below, but times are changing.

Texting is one of the unavoidable essentials of modern dating.

I know it's so important to show you how much I love you.' Make the bride know you do want to commit to it, but you can't." Photo: Cultura/Zero Creatives / Getty Images Nowadays, with family and friends living across the country and at various stages in their lives, it's definitely acceptable for a bride and groom to ask for gift cards or cash.

"It's a great way to make it convenient for the guests and easy on them. Whereas you can ask for gift cards on your registry, as far as cash, just be polite about it. You definitely don't want to put 'cash only' on your website and you never put it on your invitation," Post adds. The groom can see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

So if another dear friend asks you to join their wedding party, it's more than OK to politely decline. "Many modern brides really understand with the travel and distance [usually involved], but it's all in how you do it," Post says.Someone has to initiate it at some point or another, why can’t that person be you? So, if it starts to feel like the other party isn’t as interested or putting in as much as effort into the conversation as you, I suggest you consider moving on.That being said, it doesn’t feel great when you’re the one who’s always initiating the conversation. When used wisely, emojis are the perfect cherry on top of captivating and witty banter.And like anything else in life, different people have different rules for texting.Here are five that you may break or follow at your own discretion.

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